Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Port Placement

Yesterday was the beginning of my third round of chemo (my fifth treatment). As I don't have my port in yet, the treatments had to go IV. Yes, it hurt, and yes, a lot of people will probably think I should have waited, but I did not want to postpone my chemo this week as we would have had to move all my other dates as well. I don't want to lengthen my time of treatment any more than is necessary. When I came home around noon, I did nothing but sleep until around nine. I was a little nauseated, but sleeping through it helped.

My port placement surgery is today at 1:30. I have to wash with Hibiclens this morning (an antibacterial wash), and I can't eat anything after nine. I can drink clear liquids till about one. So many rules! After my port placement is done, it will be much easier to take blood and administer my chemo. I won't have to be poked as much, and the large vein that the port is being placed in is better able to handle the chemo than my tiny arm veins. I will be receiving what's called a Power Port, which is equipped to handle fast infusions. This means that my treatments will probably be shorter, yay!

It might be a day or two before I get on here and update everyone, so don't be alarmed.

Thanks for stopping by!

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