Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, sleep I did. I slept from around one in the afternoon on Tuesday till around nine thirty that same night. I didn't even get to bed that night--I fell asleep sometime after midnight on the recliner and didn't really wake up until about noon or so, just in time to get back to the cancer center for my Neulasta at one. I managed to stay awake for the rest of the day, went to bed around eleven thirty, and didn't wake up until almost eleven today. Keelie, the nurse who normally does my Neulasta, said that is pretty normal as chemo does tend to have a cumulative effect. This means that I might be finding myself more and more tired as the infusions go on. My hemoglobin and my RBC's were a little low, which might account for both the fatigue as well as the ever so slight shortness of breath I have been experiencing. My white cells were high, as usual.

My next scans are scheduled for the 14th of April.

My wrists are doing a lot better. The swelling has all but disappeared. Mostly what is left is something that looks like a nasty bruise. I still have a bit of a goose egg on the right wrist, but it has definitely decreased in size. I have been putting heat on it to aid in its dissolution--hopefully it will be gone soon. It doesn't even really hurt that much anymore, which is the best part. I broke my hand last year, and I can tell you, I would rather take that pain than ever again put up with those clots.

I will be starting soon on my make-up work for my incompletes in school (probably beginning tomorrow). I hope to have all my physics and organic chemistry review done in a few weeks, and the rest is just doing about two weeks' worth of work in order to complete the required coursework and get my grade. I'm excited to be done with all that, but worried that I won't be able to attend summer classes. We shall see--if the scans come back clean, I will only have two more infusions after that. If they don't come back clean, I will have four more infusions afterwards. Let's keep our fingers crossed that chemo (and I) are kicking cancer's ass and it will soon be no more!

This is something that I want to make sure everyone is aware of. The Red River that flows between North Dakota and Minnesota is going to flood the Fargo/Moorhead area. Eighteen feet is the 'official' flood stage according to NDSU's geology website. The river is expected to crest sometime late Friday to early Saturday between 41 and 43 feet. Volunteers have gathered to fill sandbags and build dikes and temporary dams in order to keep local homes and businesses safe from the flood. It looks as though many homes have been flooded already, and parts of North Dakota (inclucing the Fargo area) have been ordered to evactuate. Ted has been activated (along with his National Guard unit) to help with the efforts, and will be leaving next Tuesday if not sooner. Please keep the people of these areas in your thoughts as you go about your daily business. Many of them stand to lose everything in this flood. I really hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, the National Guard stands ready to help at a moment's notice.

I hope everyone is doing well, and thanks soooo much for stopping by!!

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  1. Wow... didnt know that it was going to flood there! I hope that it turns out alright.
    Nice to see that you are doing well. Got a lot of sleep.... does a body good! I hope that your results come back clean!! Dont stress yourself out about summer school or anything. Just focus on what you have at the moment. No worries. You are going to kick ass in life no matter what happens! :) Take much care and I love you!! Laters.


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