Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Ted and I had dinner with his parents at their home--mmmmm, tasty! We also stopped by Dairy Queen on our way home...giggle. I couldn't help it.

I have now played ball with and walked my dogs, and they are tired. Well, Cody is tired. He's laying stretched out and panting in the middle of the living room floor. Harley is as tired as Harley gets, which those of you who know her is not very tired at all. It's more of an "I'll leave you alone for a little while so I can briefly nap, then I will be back to throw my toys in your lap and trip you as you're going down the stairs."

I attached a photo of a male cardinal that was staring at me as I was studying on Friday. I took the photo through the window near my desk, so it's a little smudgy. But you can plainly see Birdface, mocking me through the winter's dirt on my window. Enjoy!


  1. Happy Easter back! Mmmmmm... DQ! Sounds yummy! Oh, Cody bud! What a cutie. Miss the little bugger. I enjoy listening to your place list selections! You have some good picks! Take much care girly and stay strong! Are you taking classes this fall??

  2. I meant to say 'play list selections!' lol.


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