Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog, blog, blog.

Hmmm...not much to update.

I (kind of) went back to work the first weekend of this month. I'm just working half days, but it feels soooooo good to be back. I really do love my job, even though it's not terribly hard. I'm pretty much just doing barn chores and turning in horses without cleaning stalls. It's very refreshing to be back in some capacity!

I had a birthday yesterday...
yikes. I know I have a lot to celebrate this year, but I have never really been one to celebrate my birthday. I kinda tried to keep it a secret from everyone, but I forgot that it's up on Facebook. Thanks to all my friends and family, though, that stopped by to wish me a happy birthday!

Classes start on the 8th of September...yeah, I'm a dork, I'm excited. I'm mostly excited to get back to a more normal routine, and to see everyone again. I will be graduating next year (FINALLY!!!!), so I'm, of course, getting very nervous about applying to vet school. I still have yet to take the GRE, so that's gotta get done this year...yikes!

Random question of the day: Have you ever sneezed into a cup of tea? I did, the other day. It makes a very interesting sort of gurgling sound, and a huge mess. I giggled like a four year old for about fifteen minutes while I was busy cleaning it up. Totally hilarious.

Poor Cody had to go to the vet a few weeks ago. I think he drank some lake water from Lake of the Isles, and ended up with very bad diarrhea. My poor boy spent most of his time outside for about five days--and he was on antibiotics and a special diet. He's much better now. His skin allergies flared up last month, and came to a head around the same time he was sick. What a miserable choco-dog! His guts are better, his skin is MUCH better, so he's a happy boy. Harley has managed to stay out of trouble--which is good because her Momma can hardly afford another doggie disaster requiring a trip to the vet. Poor Noel is a satellite dish--she has to wear her e-collar (cone) because she kept licking her left rear paw to the point that all the hair was gone and it was bleeding. That's better now, too.

Speaking of hair, I have to get a picture up here of mine! It's finally longer than Ted''s probably over an inch already! That does, however, mean that I have to shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows again...yuck. Take the good with the bad, I guess.

I did somehow manage to get the spring cleaning done that I missed this year. Not that I missed doing it, it just didn't get done on time. So, now it's done and it smells a little less like a kennel in here.

The tomato and cucumber plants are trying to take over the world--or at least our back yard. The cukes are on their last throes; the leaves are shriveling up and fewer fruits are appearing. One of the plants is apparently a "seed plant," meaning we are to take the seeds from the huge mutant cucumbers that grow from it. Seriously, I picked a cucumber last week that was almost two feet long and three inches wide, and there are two more that are going to be ready to pick soon! We have more tomatoes than we know what to do with--we canned some as diced tomatoes this past weekend, and there are a ton more that we will probably make into sauce. TONS of cherry tomatoes and jalepeno peppers, too. Maybe next year we can grow stuff like lettuce and corn--if we can keep the bunnies and squirrels out of it. I never knew that squirrels liked tomatoes--whatever!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer! Talk to you all soon!!



  1. Fun post!! I love love love love tomatoes -- especially cherry ones :) Too bad I'm not closer, I'd take some off your hands.

    I can't wait to see your hair, it sounds so exciting to have it longer than Ted's!

    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday - I always forget to look at birthdays on FB ;)


  2. hi, nicole!

    i'm jealous that you're growing hair back! (although... not on your legs...)

    i was diagnosed in late may, and am thoroughly enjoying the no-shave perks of chemo (it's one of the few!)

    i'm glad to read that you're doing well & it makes me excited to finish my chemo (i'm almost halfway done...)



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