Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2008 04:02 PM, CST
Hey, everyone!

Just came home about a half hour ago. How do I feel, you ask? Fine, mostly. I kinda feel like I drank too much coffee, without the wakefulness. Oh, yeah, and the arm they put the IV into hurts like hell.

My lung function test was not that great. I don't have the ability to use my lungs at their full capacity yet, probably due to the surgery. So, my oncologist opted to leave out the bleomycin (which is the one that is hardest on the lungs). She may add it later if my lung function improves, but it may not be necessary.

They also sent me home with all these scripts. I feel like a cancer patient...oh, wait. Ha! There are three that are for the nausea. Hooray.

The infusion room (which is where they give chemo) is interesting. It consists of curtained rooms with a recliner. I suppose you could call them semi-private. They were busy today due to the holiday--folks scheduling their treatments after Christmas. We had to wait a long time to get in there--at least I didn't have anything else to do :) The doxorubicin and vinblastine came first--each in their own syringe and pushed into the IV, doxorubicin first and then vinblastine. The dacarbazine is given as an IV drip over an hour, but for this time I received it over an hour and a half. About midway through, I had to pee. I already knew that the doxorubicin causes your urine to change color, and the nurse reminded me. The stuff is bright red, like cherry Kool-aid. I peed peach! It was just a little suprising I guess.

My mom and dad were there, and so was Ted. We just sorta chilled and watched Stormchasers on the Discovery channel until it was all done. I tried to do some more physics, but it's so noisy in there that it's kinda difficult to concentrate.

Well, I'm kinda cranky because my arm hurts. I'm going to go make myself a grilled cheese and watch TV. I am so grateful for everyone's support and the guestbook entries--thank you, thank you, thank you!! It makes me feel like a million bucks!

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