Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day one, post-chemo round #1, treatment #1. I was really nauseated last night, even with the anti-nausea drugs I was given. These are what I was sent home with: dexamethasone (a steroid), Zofran, and compazine. I was also given Aloxi as an IV injection before the chemotherapy was started. This will be given every time. It seems that these actually work on the central nervous system to turn off the 'nausea control center' in your brain. Chemotherapy messes with this area and simply makes your brain think that your stomach is upset and needs to spew. It seems like this would then be some kind of mind over matter thing, but I was told not to take any chances. Maybe later. Dexamethasone keeps you awake at night, so I shouldn't take that too late, I've been told. This morning wasn't so bad, but by about ten-ish I wanted a cup of tea, so I made one. It tasted absolutely awful. I thought maybe it was the water, but I tried something I love (one of those tasty haystacks that Ted's parents brought) and that was REALLY awful. I also just had a glass of milk, and it tasted exactly like sweetened liquid fat, and left me with an aftertaste of Band-Aids. How depressing. I LOVE food, but it seems that those days will be few and far between now. Oh, well.

Other than that, I am plugging away at my physics and I hope to be done a little bit early so I can drop everything off to my instructor next week. I doubt we are doing anything exciting tonight for New Years--no beers for me, I'm pretty sure they would taste like YUCK!!

Oh, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but my bone marrow biopsy came back clean. Yay!!! That means that I am stage IA Hodgkins, which is the best I could hope for under the circumstances. This means that the cancer probably has not spread anywhere outside the thymus, and I was asymptomatic before my diagnosis. I will explain the stages later, probably tomorrow.

Does anyone know much about filling out disability paperwork? They tell you to fill it out as soon as you can, and I have been trying to get everything together but it just seems so discouraging. Email me at if you have any ideas or shortcuts for me. Or, on the flip side, does anyone know how to pay bills with no income other than the good old reliable rubber check? Haha!

Well, my mom is making a roast tonight. I hope I can taste it!

Take care, everyone!!!

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