Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick Update

Wow, sorry everyone! I just realized this morning that I haven't updated in a while. Everything is going fine. My blood counts were adequate (not great, though). My WBC count was 3.3, and my neutrophils were right at the miniumum that they are willing to give chemo at--1.0. I will receive a shot of Neulasta on Tuesday, then after that I will take it home and give myself the shot. THAT should be fun. My cold has pretty much cleared up; I just have a little bit of a stuffy nose.

I was really nauseated Friday night and for most of Saturday morning, but I feel okay now. As long as I stay ahead of the game and take those anti-nausea drugs, I should be okay. I'm watching for any of those other nasty side effects so that I can stay ahead of those, too.

My mom took off to go back home for a week on Thursday--the absolute COLDEST day we have had for a while! She took the train, and it was about five hours late due to the weather. They also warned her not to check her baggage because they had had problems with the baggage cart doors freezing up. She had two big suitcases--how on Earth did they expect my tiny mother to manage those by herself??? Oh, well. She made it, her bags made it, and she said that the ride was pretty cool.

Well, I don't have any rants today :). I will update as I think of stuff to update, for sure. Stay warm, everyone!!

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