Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sore and Stressed

Well, I think the time has come. Time has come to actually say goodbye to my lovely hair and move on. I noticed yesterday that my hair is falling out faster and with more gusto than it was on Sunday. It's also looking a lot thinner on my head. I used to be able to brush out most of what was going to fall out for the day. Now, every time I touch or even scratch my head, a pretty big handful falls out. My wastebaskets are chock full of my pretty dark hairs. My pillow is covered, and I frequently have been waking up with hair in my mouth or even up my nose! While I have accepted my hair loss as a normal part of my treatment, it's still somewhat of a shock to see it falling out as fast as it is now. I've heard that it only takes about a week to lose all your hair once it starts in earnest--we shall see. My hair has been incredibly resilient, trying really hard to stick around.

I went to the gym yesterday, the first time in about a month. I did some very light cardio, then did some upper body strength training (biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest). I am sooo sore today! It's amazing what happens when you don't 'use it--' you really do lose it! I plan on going six days a week--at the very least, even if I feel lousy, I can get on a bike or treadmill and at least get moving.

I am also incredibly crabby today. I was crabby yesterday, also. I'm not sure if I can attribute it to anything--we are dealing with some issues with our former roommate that are driving me crazy, and I think that may be what's making me so crabby. He moved out before our lease was up, and he now has his own place. He moved all his stuff out. He's been gone for over two weeks. Yet, he still feels that because he is still obligated to fulfill the terms of the lease (he is still paying his rent obligation until the lease is up next month), that entitles him to continue to come and go as he pleases as if he still lived here. This constitutes a huge problem with privacy. I have asked him twice to make arrangements to come over to make sure I am well enough for visitors. I really don't think that I am asking too much, but apparently he does. I don't have a problem at all with him stopping by, I just wish that he would give us the courtesy of respecting our privacy and make arrangements beforehand. HE doesn't live here anymore; WE do.

Well, anyhoo, I suppose I had better decide if I'm going to the gym or not today. I'm pretty sure I will; it does life my spirits a little bit as well as get me out of the house. That may be a little bit of my crabbiness, too--I don't get out much anymore, and for those of you who know me you know that drives me nuts! I wish the weather were warm, so I could sit outside and walk places. Soon, I hope!

Thanks everyone!

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