Friday, April 24, 2009

Critters and fun trips!

Well, I had chemo this past Tuesday. I have just been a little tired this week, nothing too big. I only took my Compazine (anti-nause
a meds) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have been quite fine without them (which is amazing and really awesome!). My hair continues to fall out by the handfuls. I'm just completely amazed that I still have any left (even if it is pretty thin). I keep putting off cutting it, but I have to do something soon because I can't pull it back anymore--it's too thin to be in a ponytail.

Tomorrow Ted and I are leaving for my parents' house until Monday. My grandfather (my mom's dad) had a small stroke a few weeks ago, and since he's feeling better I thought it would be nice to have a visit. We are boarding all of our critters--the dogs are going to Glencoe and miss Noel is going to Chaska. I know I go a long way to board my animals, but I trust these people to take good care of them. Harley has been having some lameness issues with her left front leg. We went to the vet today to get Noel's steroid injection and have Harley checked out. The consensus seems to be possibly some arthritis or tendonitis. When I have a little more money, I will have her X-rayed to see what's going on in there to get a better picture. For now, we have some pain meds for the tougher times. Otherwise, she seems to be doing well. No seizures or anything scary like that. Cody and Noel are doing quite well, also. Above is a picture of her from last summer--she hasn't changed much.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. It was up to 85 degrees today! It was nice. I am so much happier when the weather is nice. Well, I will have a good visit with my family, and I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hello my friend! I got all of your comments last night :) Of course you would be included in my list o' bloggers, duh! I just really suck at updating it. I made the list in BlogRolling before Blogger had the link list add on, so it's a little more of a pain in the butt.

    Anywho, I'm glad to hear you're doing swell still. If your hair doesn't fit in your usual hair ties, try those super tiny ones for braids :) But tying it back probably speeds up the fall out process... who knows.

    Hope your critters are enjoying their boarding vacation. Your dog is too cute!


  2. Glad that things are going well for ya Nicole! :) Enjoy visiting your parents! :) It should be a good time. Take much care of yourself! Lots of love!! <3


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