Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just found out some awful news. A member of my wonderful online cancer community and someone I now consider a friend, Liz Anderluh, found out today that her daughter Shea, who was diagnosed with the same lymphoma as I and completed her treatment the end of January, has relapsed. She was originally diagnosed at stage 2A and is now at stage 4B, with lung metastasis. After a good cry, I called my mom to let her know.

Shea is fifteen years old, and this is so unfair. I would take cancer twenty times over again or twenty times worse if it meant that Shea would not have to go through this, ever again.

Please visit her CaringBridge site to show your support for the family during this difficult would mean a lot to me.


  1. Nicole...thinking of your friend Shea

  2. Im sorry my dear. I hope that things are going better. You are so sweet and caring. Never stop being yourself. Love you my dear!! <3

  3. Bless her... my thoughts are with her and of course you too xx


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