Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cancer can kiss my a**

This time a year ago...this day...around 12:30...I received the news that made everything else insignificant. Dr. Maddaus and Dr. Tallman had both called to tell me the pathology on the mass removed from my heart...lymphoma. I cried. I made Ted come home from running errands to tell him. My mom was there for me.

All the difference a year can make...here I am, worrying about finals instead of pain and chemotherapy. Working hard instead of being homebound and sleeping in a recliner. Wow.

Occasionally the reality of what transpired will REALLY hit me. How I almost died and came back spitting mad and fighting. Screw cancer. Go to hell, cancer!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow.... crazy! It is amazing how time flies and then you find yourself a year down the line, a different person! You are so strong and should be so proud of yourself!!! You have a lot of stories to tell, experience to show, and are a truely amazing person in my eyes! I love you!


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