Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Surprises!


Finals are over...the holiday mad rush is stress level is WAAAAAAY down. The house is almost clean again, now that I have time (and help!). Ted is home through the 4th (he got back on the 16th) and it really is nice to have him around. I've been so busy with school I hadn't really realized how much I missed him!

And now for my big surprise...Ted proposed on Christmas Eve! I, of course, said yes. I now have a very pretty sparkly on my finger--I'll post a picture. We don't have any solid plans yet, but I will let you all know as soon as we figure it out! Quite a nice ending to kind of a rotten year.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I think that regardless of religious preferences or what kinds of holidays you actually celebrate, this is the time of year when you sit back and think about what you truly value. We didn't celebrate necessarily, but we did have dinner with my boss's family and then I worked the afternoon. We came home and had dinner and just hung out with each other, which was really nice. Christmas Eve was spent shoveling! We received almost a foot of snow from the winter storm that rolled through here beginning Wednesday. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but winter and I don't particularly like each other!

Oh, and my neurology appointment last week was...alright. Apparently I had canceled it (according to the receptionist that is--I most definitely did NOT cancel it), but they managed to squeeze me in anyway. I would have made a big stink about it if they hadn't. I won't know the results until I see a different neurologist (Dr. Walk) on the 7th. My oncology appointment on Tuesday went well--we went over a few things, like the fact that I seem to be picking up lots of cold bugs this year. I have been suffering from a particularly nasty cold the last week or so and Dr. Datta was a little concerned about the cough I had. Apparenly Hodgers have a pretty crappy immune system following treatment (more so than other cancers) and there isn't a lot of information pointing to why. So I will be receiving my H1N1 vaccination on Monday, and if my cough doesn't get better Dr. Datta wants to see me back. My counts were good, though, so we're all happy about that!

I do have a lot of things I would like to write about, but I'm kinda tired today and just want to relax and eat some soup and hang with Ted.

Merry (day after) Christmas, everyone! I hope Santa was good to you all!!


  1. Congratulations Nicole! I am so happy for you and Ted!! Enjoy your time with Ted, eat soup and feel better.

  2. I was recently diagnosed with myleofibrosis. Sorry to heat you have this illness at such an early age. Be a surviver, keep positive and think good thoughts.

  3. Congrats on your engagement!! What a wonderful Christmas present for you this year of all years.

  4. Another congrats, my friend! How exciting for you guys!

    As for the sickies, since I know you've read most of my blog, you'll know that I typically get *sick* every month or so since the hodge. It's getting better since this time last year, I have even seemed to avoid the cold/flu that people have been getting here. But this week I've been sleeping a ton because clearly, my body wants some sleep to try and fight this stuff. I'm also kind of obsessed with these gummy vitamins for adults. I always say I'm going to take my vitamins, but that usually only lasts a few weeks and then I stop because it's a hassle. Well the gummies are super delish, so I rarely forget :) I'm already half-way thru my second big bottle of them. Just a thought incase you're like me.

    Hang in there sicky pants, and again, congrats on the engagement.


  5. congrats on your engagment! i barley found your husband is going on his 5th year of hodgkins treatment. its nice finding others who are going or who have gone through the same thing.

    wishing you a healthy 2010!


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