Friday, December 14, 2012

Revelation Series: #1

I've had a revelation. I'm not at all ready to talk or write about it yet but did want to share with you all the thought processes involved in my revelation, the things that led up to it, and enormous amount of knowledge that has been pouring to me from it. These things are in no particular order...just my thoughts poured into my journal and excerpted here, again in the hopes that my troubles and trials can help someone else in whatever journey they may be traveling in their lives. 

This is the first posting in my REVELATION series. 

We spend so much time obsessing over the things we are not good at, forcing ourselves to do them and trying to make ourselves good at them, that we fail to pay attention to the things we ARE good at and that we can instead do those things, and make ourselves better at them. Phenomenal living happens when we embrace our strengths and stop obsessing over our limitations. If we do nothing except the things which we are not good at, we will begin to think that we are not good at anything. When we do nothing except that which we excel at, we will begin to think we are exceptional. THAT is what keeps us going—that feeling of accomplishment, of knowing our worth, and feeling like we can do ANYTHING. 


  1. "Phenomenal living happens when we embrace our strengths and stop obsessing over our limitations." Brilliant!

  2. Nice! I do like this entry and it makes a lot of sense. Looking forward to the other ones!


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