Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey, everyone!

I thought I might get on here and do an update before I devote the rest of my evening to physics.

I don't really have anything new to report, other than the fact I feel fine today. Like nothing ever happened! It's actually kinda nice. I know these days will be precious and far between sooner or later, so I am cherishing this one as much as possible. I even had the stomach for a cup of coffee!

Every time I log on here, I get to see how many visitors have been by the site. Don't worry, it doesn't say who you are, it just says how many hits my site has received. Wow, you guys! Thanks so much for the support! It's silly that it takes the tough times to make you realize how loved you truly are...and boy do I feel loved! Your support is very important to me, and will continue to be through my treatment.

As always, this site is free and ad-free. You can also visit my other, more visually stimulating and adverstisement-loaded sites at or OR look me up on Facebook.

Six days till the next treatment. I will be eating Ding-dongs and hamburgers till then (just kidding).


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