Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Lefty Rebellion

Chemo round #2, treatment #1 is down. My WBC count was great (for a
chemo patient)--3.6 I believe. Although that is low for normal people,
for me that means that the Neulasta worked.

We added the
Bleomycin today. My doc did some research and found some information
that showed bleo may not have any effect on lung function that is
already low. She figured we could try it, and monitor me closely. If
there is even a little change, we will stop the bleo immediately. Today
was a little more difficult that the last time. The dacarbazine is very
hard on my veins, and it seems that my left arm in particular is just
not a fan of chemo. It burned like it did on the first treatment; we
did my right arm the last time and it was and still is fine. The Lefty
Rebellion! I began to get very nauseated about halfway through the
dacarbazine drip (the drugs are put in A-V-B-D), and by the time I got
home I was sick to my stomach and finally decided to give up my lunch.
The good news is that I have lots of pain meds from the doc, so I
shouldn't have to ask for any for a while.

I have had a few
new developments (symptoms) since the last treatment--difficulty
sleeping, a yeast infection (sorry I know that's gross), and a few
mouth sores. I'll go more into the difficulty sleeping thing later--you
guys will laugh. It's pretty darn funny. Right now, I'm going to try to
avoid that and go to bed. More later!!

By the way, Ted is my
hero. He went out to run some errands, and he was almost home when I
called him begging for brewed iced tea. It can't be the fountain stuff,
because I can't stand that kind and I was so sick that that was the
only thing that I wanted. He went all the way to Boston Market in
Roseville to get me some, because that's the only place that I was sure
they had brewed iced tea. My mom is my hero, too, because she made me
some in the coffee pot by brewing it the same way you would do
coffee--instead of coffee grounds and the filter, she used five tea
bags. It was so yummy. I don't know what I would do without those two
here with me. I would probably get things done anyway, but it would be
much harder, for sure. Okay, enough. To bed with me! Begone!


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