Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today...some Stuff... Had my neurology appointment this afternoon. Dr. Giuliani (department of Neurology, University of Minnesota) spent quite a bit of time with me, and he even brought in a colleague midway through the consult. They both feel that it is important for me to see either one of the two neurologist
s that specialize in peripheral neuropathy, and that another EMG is warranted due to the progression of my symptoms. For those of you who may not know, an EMG is an electromyogram. Basically they will be placing electrodes into my muscles and around my nerves to check on how well they are functioning. It works exactly like an electrical circuit--two electrodes (needles) are placed at different ends of the nerves, and they look at things such as conduction velocity (how fast the electrical impulse is carried through the nerve), loss of electrical signal (also known as efficiency, indicating an interruption in the nerve somewhere), and how well the nerves are able to be stimulated. The symptoms seem to point to multifocal motor neuropathy, but there are a few other disease processes that could be present. Starting with the EMG is good. I will also see Dr. Perry, who is one of two peripheral neuropathy specialists here at the U. The neurology clinic here is one of the best in the nation, and Dr. Perry and his colleague Dr. Walk are two of the best in the field. The literature I have read seems to indicate these two are the end-all and be-all of peripheral neuropathy. I have apparently seen them both previously (I do recall seeing Dr. Walk, and Dr. Perry conducting one of my EMGs). So, I am scheduled for the EMG with Dr. Perry on the 21st of December, and they are trying to get me booked with him in a consult shortly afterwards. Finally, some proactivity. Dr. Giuliani was great, but he is not a specialist in this kind of issue, which is why he is referring me. He was very helpful and very honest.

That's all I really have for now! I hope everyone is doing well and getting geared up for the holidays!!


  1. I am glad you are pleased with your physicians and are moving in the right direction.

    I had an EMG done last year...advance carpal tunnel, not too good being a jewelry designer.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing .... you are a strong, brave woman! If you saw the neurologists at the U I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. I'm sorry you are having nerve and pain problems. My mom was also diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I'm hoping to bring her back to the States and if you think the neurologists here could help I may want her to come to Minnesota to see them.

    I will be sending good thoughts and energy your way.



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