Friday, November 6, 2009

Hanging Out

Just sitting around on a Friday plans, Ted is still in Wisconsin. I thought maybe I could give a teeny update...or something.

I received some new pain meds last week, and they seem to be helping a little more. Think Advil on steroids...
what I was given is called indomethacin and it's typically given to people who have moderate to severe gout or rheumatoid arthritis to control the pain of flare-ups. I'm not quite as stiff and sore in the mornings, my hands don't ache nearly as much, and my knees and ankles aren't quite as painful. I'm still swollen, mostly in my legs, and I still can't wear my rings. Two more weeks and I will get to chat with a new neurologist and see what he has to say.

Yesterday, my friend Britt had to say goodbye to her faithful companion Gabe. Gabe is a Thoroughbred gelding who had been suffering from an autoimmune disorder this past year or so. It had come to the point that the treatment for the disease was just as bad as the disease, and flare-ups were becoming difficult to control. Britt made a decision that was not easy--one that was the final act of selflessness. She put the welfare of her friend before her desire to have him with her. I can respect that decision, and sympathize 100%. Gabe was a strong, sweet, brave, honest, and handsome horse, and he will not soon be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Gabriel--run free and untouched by the plague of illness, released from the prison of a broken body, as beautiful as the sunrise and swift as the desert wind.

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  1. I am glad to hear the new medication is helping. I hope the visit with the neurologist goes well.

    Sorry to hear about your friends hard to loose a faithful companion.


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