Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Windows open...check.
Dog shampoo...uh, check, but I will have to get some more after today.
Lots of clean towels...check., big CHECK.
Turn the TV off...check.
Make iced tea...check.
Plan for a walk tonight...check.
Cool mix on iTunes...check.

An absolutely perfect day. My desktop gadget says it's 72, my outdoor thermometer says it's 74. A slight breeze is rustling the tall trees in the back yard. It's days like today that inspire me, not the dreary days of winter and the unending cold. These days inspire me to do more, get out of the house, actually get dressed instead of parading around in my jammies.

I never in a million years thought that a diagnosis of cancer would change me so much. I've never been a homebody; sitting still for too long bores me. I enjoy getting outside, being with friends, exploring, helping. Lately, though, that doesn't seem to be me. I feel like I've been hiding out--most days, I don't even get dressed. I gotta change that. I need to stop taking for granted this second chance I've been given. I have my health back, and that is something I will never again take for granted. There's nothing like being healthy and feeling good.

I'm slightly nervous about going back to school in the fall, and not for the reason you might think. I've seen most of my friends since all of this craziness happened. What I'm nervous about is running into people I haven't seen in a while and having to explain everything that has occurred. I despise telling the same story, over and over again, which is why I started blogging. I just don't want to have to re-live all of this crap all over again. I'm also nervous about returning to my previous life with this different perspective. I find myself getting irritated when people complain about things--everyday things, like a late bus, a deadline for a paper, getting a bad grade, a shrunken sweater after it was mistakenly put in the dryer. These things seem so ridiculous to complain about now. I am just going to have to remember that my perspective is different than others, that their complaints are just as valid as mine (though I will still feel that some complaints are just ridiculous).

I think I will bathe my dogs today, and take the one that doesn't have allergies (Harley) for ice cream later. Poor Cody, I will shower him with treats later. Allergy boy can't have any ice cream, only fish and venison treats. It sounds like there is terriffic weather all over, so I hope everyone takes advantage!!


  1. Oh Nicole! I am glad that you are enjoy the day so much!! As you should. :)
    I can totally see your point about going to back school in the fall and being nervous. Telling the same story over and over would get annoying but I guess that is just how life is sometimes. I also see how you can be annoyed about people complaining. It is true, even I get annoyed with it when some people seem like they dont have anything positive to say about life. You just have to remember that people havent gone through with what you have and sometimes is hard to let go of the little things that make one upset. You can be the person to help shed light into their lives by saying, hey, tomorrow is another day, this isn't going to change your life, just move on and smile.
    I am glad that from what you have been through that you have a new outlook on life. Its great to be able to look at life in a new perspective, especially when it makes you feel happier life in general and who you are. :)
    You have a lot to be happy about. :) YOu have been through a lot throughout life and you have turned out to be an amazing person with many inspirational stories. Life each day to its fullest and keep smiling. I love you my dear!!! :)

  2. i've come to believe that the second chances we are given are even better than our first chances!! :)


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